Cat Necessities

I really want Sigrid to feel welcome and loved right away when she arrives to her new home with me, so I've bought a bunch of toys and other necessities for her. Since she'll be an indoor cat, I've invested in a harness and a leash, so the two of us can go out and take short walkes together. Even indoor cats needs fresh air :) (The lighting in the last picture looks a bit different than the rest, because it was taken at a different time).
Vibrating toy mouse, stick with ball+feathers and toothbrush (the toothbrush is an ordinary kids brush from the brand Jordan) bought at the grocery store ICA. Toothpaste from PetClean, thermometer from Kruuse and leash from Flexi ( Claw sissor from the website Brush/comb from the brand Dogman ( Treat dispenser from Kruuse ( Toy mice and harness from Nobby (bought at the pet store GrizzlyZoo).