Almost everyone knows someone, either a loved one or someone else's family member or friend. The relationship to the person doesn't matter. When you hear the words "so and so got cancer", it will effect you. It will make you stop for a second and for that split second it will make you think about mortality. That this horrible disease really doesn't care about your age, gender, ethnicity or anything else. It can happen to anyone.
There are many different kinds of cancer, but the month of October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can all do something to support the women and men (yes, men can get breast cancer too) that gets diagnosed each year. Just buy a Pink Ribbon or give a gift (the gift of money for research) to the cancer foundation of your nation and help fight this disease. By clicking on the picture link in the side menu here on my blog, you'll get redirected to the Swedish "Cancerfondens" webpage, were you can send your gift to science.