Lend A Helping Hand

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
+ Canon EFS 18-55mm IS II
I'm driving home, it's raining and up ahead I see a man laying by the side of the road. He has fallen down in the wet, slippery grass and can't get up on his own. I see how all the cars infront of me just drive past him and for a quick second, I think to myself that I should do the same. But I don't. I stop my car, turn on my hazard lights and get out to help him. The man is elderly and has a cane and a "dramaten" (a type of shopping bag with wheels). I ask if he's alright and he says that he's fine, but needs help to get up. I grab him under his left arm to give him the support he needs to get back on his feet, while he still holds his cane in his right hand. Then I take his shopping bag and help him to get off the grass and on to the sidewalk. He thanks me for my help and walks away, and I get back to my car and drive off.
I'm not writing this to get praised for my "good deed". I'm writing this because it makes me sad that no one else stopped to help another human being in need. He was laying so close to the road, that I don't even wanna know what might have happened if I hadn't stopped to help him. We all need to get better at helping other people. Otherwise there's no hope for mankind.
Robex Lundgren

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