Three Things

Three things I say a lot:
- "I'm fine, just a little tired."
- "Sorry"
- "Sigrid, stop it."

Three things I'm sad about:
- Sad might be a bit strong, but I'm a little unsatisfied with my tiny apartment and want to find a bigger one ASAP.
- That winter will be here soon. I miss the summer!
- That I sometimes feel extremely lonely.

Three things I'm happy about:
- My new phone.
- My family, they're always there for me.
- That I have Sigrid in my life.

Three things I'd like to eat right now:
- Chocolate.
- Noodles.
- Nothing (to be honest, I'm not hungry at the moment).

Three things I long for:
- Next september and the trip I'll hopefully make.
- Halloween and the annual Halloween party.
- A new apartment.

Three things I like to have on me:
- Sweatpants
- Pyjamas
- Cozy sweaters