Like I Didn't Have Enough Already

Yesterday I went to Liseberg with my family to play a game of pentathlon. They have lots of different stations where you can compete against one another, with everything from basketball to water cannons. I wouldn't call it a family tradition, but it's something that we've done several times before and this time my brother was the winner of it all. He took first place in 4/5 events, but I took home the jackpot at one of the many "wheel of fortune"-things they have in the amusement park. I won 2 kilos of "Kexchoklad" (≈ 4.4 pounds of a kind of chocolate wafer). This was my third visit to Liseberg this year and I've won at least one "star-price" each time. In other words, I have a lot of candy in my cabinets right now, haha :P