10 Things Girls Have To Put Up With, That Guys Won't Understand

1. To be afraid.
Guys will never understand how it feels to walk around everyday and be scared. It doesn't even have to be at night - we're afraid anyway. To never walk alone, always looking over our shoulder and taking detours to avoid facing men on the streets, while always wondering what to do if something happens. To constantly go with an anxiety and fear of being raped.
2. Having to fight.
We always have to prove our competence to succeed and climb in our careers. Everyone has to struggle, not only girls, but usually it can be difficult to be taken seriously when you want to develop on the job.
3. Everyday sexism.
To constantly feel stared at and objectified by other people, because you're wearing tight jeans. Glances and signals, cars slowing down, whistles and comments. That people actually take the liberty to behave like this, that it's perfectly okay. This is anything but okay.
4. The night life.
Every girl who have ever been out partying at night, has guaranteed experienced this. That someone walks by and pinches her ass, takes her on the hips or even presses their gender against her when they try to "dance" with her. What happened to the right to our own bodies? And what to do, if you push them away, soon someone else will come up to you and do the same thing.
5. To have to say no over and over again.
Is it that hard to imagine that when we are not interested, we lie and say that we have a boyfriend, when a simple "no" as an answer isn't enough? Sometimes it doesn't even matter what we say. Even if you say that you have a boyfriend, some guys thinks they have the freedom to try to push up on you anyway.
6. "Sweetie".
Certainly, most of us women have at some point in our lives been belittled by being called "little sweetie". By the employer, teacher or some guy.
7. Girls are not as good drivers as guys, or as good at things in general.
How often hasn't the phrase been told, that girls drive worse than guys? Or that women can't perform as good in sports as men or be as good at certain jobs. Seriously, idiotic.
8. Earning less for the same work.
This is also total nonsense. How is this even possible? It's 2016 and there's still a huge difference in women's and men's wages for exactly the same work.
9. That we seek attention.
When a woman takes place or break out of "the mould" and stands out, it's viewed as her only wanting attention. When a man does the same, he's seen as the "cool dude". Seriously?
10. Sex life.
Yes, unfortunately it is so and it always has been. Girls get mocked and harassed based on their sex lives, more harshly than guys do. How often doesn't a girl get hazed because she's been with a few guys, while a boy, who has been with twice as many girls, gets called a stallion! Is this supposed to be acceptable in todays society?