The Language of Flowers - Small Dictionary

Since it's Valentine's Day today, it's the perfect time to have a little language lesson. A lot of people give flowers to their loved ones today and it might be a good idea to know what they mean. Depending on the color and how many flowers you give, they send different signals to the person receiving the thoughtful gesture. Below you can find a small vocabulary.
The number of flowers:
One flower - You are my everything.
Two flowers - Let's go away together.
Three flowers - When will I see you again?
Four flowers - I look up to you and I'm grateful to you.
Five flowers - I will do anything for you.
Six flowers - I doubt your word.
Seven flowers - I love you.
Eight flowers - I remain faithful to you until death.
Nine flowers - I want to be alone with you.
Ten flowers - Will you marry me?
The color of the flower:
Blue - I want to be by your side until death.
Yellow - You are the sunshine in my life.
Purple - I wish you happiness and prosperity in life.
Dark red - I miss you so.
Orange - I am your friend.
Pink - I'm in love with you and pledge loyalty to you.
White - I believe in your purity and virginity.
Red - I'm counting the days until we meet again.