"Another year over and a new one just begun" is a line from a very famous Christmas song and it couldn't be more accurate than it is right now. A few days ago, we left 2015 behind and entered 2016. A lot of people make new year's resolutions, but since they can be difficult to keep, I decided to focus on aspirations, goals and dreams I wish will happen this year.
Things I know will happen during 2016:
- Get a new tattoo (in January).
- Participate in a 5 km (≈ 3 miles) women's health race (in May)
- Compete in a 7,5 km (≈ 4.66 miles) obstacle course (in May).
- Three week vacation in NYC and Florida (in September).
Aspirations, goals and dreams for 2016 (these are not New Year's resolutions):
- Travel to both "old" and new destinations.
- Find a bigger apartment and decorate it exactly how I want.
- Develop as an amateur photographer by investing in new camera gear and spending more time on this hobby.
- Finally beat my sugar addiction.
- Meet new and interesting people.
- Be more open-minded.
- Learn something new, like knitting or another craft.
- Find the joy in exercising again.
- Show my family and friends more often how much they mean to me.
- Continue to grow as a person.
Do you have any dreams you wish will happen this year? What are your aspirations and goals?