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Hey! Once again I've let it go way to far since I last wrote something here. I've kept up with the "music of the week"-posts, but that's also all I've been publishing. I'm sorry! I honestly have no better excuse than complete lack of inspiration and motivation. I've wanted to write here so often, but every time I sitt down to type some words, I get writer's block. I'm not promising anything, but my goal is to start getting at least one more post up a week :)
This week is the first out of three of my annual leave from work and so far it's been really relaxing. I've done as little as possible, haha. I've basically only been to the gym and at home. I've spent the day today spoiling myself a little. I've waxed my legs, taken a long warm shower and right now I'm treating my face with a face mask. It's been a good day so far :)
Emma -Merakibeauty.se

så härligt :)