And Tonight, I'll Fall Asleep With You In My Heart

I think that most pet beds you can buy in stores are.. really ugly, haha. Either they're in an extremely loud color, like for example bright pink or green, or they're gloomy and sad in grey and black. There's nothing wrong with these colors, but they can be difficult to match to the color scheme of the rest of the furniture in the home.
I've looked around on several websites and in stores to find the perfect bed for Sigrid, but I haven't find anyone that I liked 100%, so I made my own instead. I bought a plain wooden box, (which you can buy in a flower or home furnishing store), but since I wasn't too happy about the box's original dark brown color, I decided to paint it white with some old paint I already had laying around at home. I painted two layers to cover the old color and I love the result. To make the bed more comfortable, I made some changes to a pillowcase and stuffed it with padding to make a mattrass. Then I wrapped a baby blanket around the "mattress" and finished it all off with a fluffy pillow, for her to rest her little head on. Only the best is good enough for my little princess :)