Three Things

Three things I say a lot:
- "I'm fine, just a little tired."
- "Sorry"
- "Sigrid, stop it."

Three things I'm sad about:
- Sad might be a bit strong, but I'm a little unsatisfied with my tiny apartment and want to find a bigger one ASAP.
- That winter will be here soon. I miss the summer!
- That I sometimes feel extremely lonely.

Three things I'm happy about:
- My new phone.
- My family, they're always there for me.
- That I have Sigrid in my life.

Three things I'd like to eat right now:
- Chocolate.
- Noodles.
- Nothing (to be honest, I'm not hungry at the moment).

Three things I long for:
- Next september and the trip I'll hopefully make.
- Halloween and the annual Halloween party.
- A new apartment.

Three things I like to have on me:
- Sweatpants
- Pyjamas
- Cozy sweaters



1. How old will you be in five years? 32 .. Gosh, I'm getting old, haha: P

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My colleagues at work.

3. How tall are you? 167 cm (≈5'5").

4. Which is the last movie you watched? Rock of Ages, shown on TV last night.

5. Who was your last outgoing call to? My mom.

6. Who was your last incoming call from? Probably a sells person, but since I didn't recognize the number I didn't answer.

7. What was the last text message you received? A thumbs up emoji from my dad, after I helped him buy a new lens cover for his camera.

9. Are your parents married or divorced? They're still married and has been for 28 years.

10. When did you last see your parents? I saw my mom yesterday.

11. What color eyes do you have? Blue.

12. What time did you wake up today? At 8.30am.

13. What is your favorite Christmas song? Wham - "Last Christmas".

14. What is your favorite place? I fell in love with Paris, when I was there this spring.

15. What is your least favorite place? Anywhere where I fell unsafe and unhappy.

16. Where do you think you'll find yourself in ten years? Hopefully I'll have a family and be happy.

17. What scared you as a child at night? Darkness and closed doors. I always had to have my door slightly open and the light on in the hallway to be able to fall asleep.

18. What is the last thing that made you laugh? Probably something someone said at work :P

19. How big is your bed? It's 120 cm wide (≈47 inches).

20. Have you desktop or laptop computer? I have a MacBook Pro, but I'm thinking about buying an iMac.

21. Do you sleep with or without clothes on? It varies depending on the season, in the summer when it's warmer I only sleep in underwear and in the winter I sleep in pj's.

22. How many pillows do you have in your bed? I have 6 pillows, haha :)

23. How many provinces of Sweden have you lived in? I've only lived in 1 province.

24. What cities have you lived in? I grew up in Herrljunga, but moved to Borås as an adult.

25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefoot? Socks, since I get really cold feet.

26. Are you a social person? I'd say so, but I also appreciate some alone time.

27. What is your favorite ice cream? Right now it's Magnum Pink Raspberry.

28. What is your favorite dessert? Almost anything with chocolate.

29. Do you like Chinese food? Yes, as long as I understand the menu, haha.

30. Do you like coffee? No, I'd rather drink hot chocolate or tea instead.

31. What do you have for breakfast? Cereal or a sandwich.

32. Do you sleep on a particular side of the bed? Nope, I sleep in the middle :P

33. Do you know how to play poker? Sort of, but not really.

34. Do you like to snuggle/cuddle? Of course, who doesn't?

35. Do you have an addictive personality? No.

36. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Yes, more than one.

37. Do you have children? No, but I'd love to have at least 2 kids in the future :)

38. Do you know any other languages besides Swedish? I'm fluent in English and I also know a few phrases and words in French, German and Spanish.

39. Have you ever been in an ambulance? Luckily no.

40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? I prefer to swim in a pool, since I'm a little bit scared of fish and the unknown in the sea.

41. What do you spend money on? Living and enjoying life.

42. Do you own any expensive jewelry? Nope, I'm not much of a jewelry type of girl.

43. What is your favorite TV-show? At the moment it's "OITNB" ("Orange Is The New Black").

44. Can you roll your tongue? Yes.

45. Who is the funniest person you know? I have a lot of funny friends, but for some reason I can't think of a single one right now, haha.

46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No.

47. What is the ringtone on your cell phone? One of the standard ringtones on iPhone.

48. Do you still have clothing from when you were little? I think my mom have some of my baby clothes stored away somewhere.

49. What is closest to you right now that is red? The letters on one of the pillows on my couch.

50. Do you flirt a lot? I can be a flirt and a tease if I want to, haha ;)

51. Can you change the oil on your car? I've never done an oil change, but I know where to put the oil.

52. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Nope, never :)

53. What was the last book you read? I don't read books.

54. Do you read the newspaper? Only online.

55. Do you have a subscription to a magazine? No.

56. Do you dance in the car? Sometimes when a really good song is played, but mostly I just sing along.

57. Which radio station you listened to last? RixFM (a Swedish radio station).

58. What was the last thing you scribbled down on a piece of paper? Probably some notes for work.

59. When were you last in church? It was when a friend of mine had her confirmation.

60. Who was your favorite teacher in high school? I don't remember.

61. What is the longest you've been camping in a tent? I guess it's for a week while I was in the scouts as a child.

62. Who is the last person who did something extra special for you? My mom :)

63. What are you listening to right now? I'm listening to the TV in the background, while typing these answers on my computer.

64. Have you ever been in the newspaper? Yes, one time.

65. What is the strangest thing you've eaten? A whole fish, that still had its eyes and fins. That might not be strange to others, but I have a really hard time eating foods that looks like the animal it once was :/

66. Who is the last one that saw you naked? I have no idea, haha :P

67. What is the color of your toothbrush? It's blue.

68. How does one impress you? By being yourself.

69. Who do you call when you are angry/sad? Sometimes I call my mom and sometimes I just write with one of my closest friends on Messenger.

70. Do you have any piercings? Yes, in my belly button.

71. What is your biggest win on gambling? About 500 SEK (≈ $60).

72. Marital status? Single and ready to mingle, haha :P

73. What websites do you visit daily? I read some blogs, news and I visit my own blog as well, obviously.

75. Do you regret anything you've done? I try to live my life without regrets, but of course there are things that I sometimes wish I could make undone.

76. How old are your siblings? My brother just turned 25 a month ago :)

77. What is your dream job? I have yet to figure that out.

78. Is there anything you would really like to do but have not had the opportunity, time or money to? To travel the world.

79. What pets have you had? I've had cats and mice.

80. Tell us three things that your readers probably don't know about you? I grind my teeth while I sleep, so I have to use a dental night guard. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 4 years old. My apartment is so small that it doesn't even have a closet, so I sleep on a loft bed and have all my clothes in two chest of drawers and a clothes rack under my bed.

81. Do you swear a lot? I try not to.

82. Sweden at it's best? In the summer, when the sky is blue, the weather is nice and the nature is full of life.

83. Do you know how to ski? Yes, but I haven't skied since I was 15 and fell so bad that I got a concussion.

84. What have you eaten today? A sandwich, macaroni and sausage and a milkshake.

85. What is your education? I went to high school in Sweden and I've taken a few classes at a community collage in the US.

86. What are you most pleased with on your body? My eyes.

87. What are you least satisfied with on your body? My stomach and my butt.

88. What is your best feature? I want to make everyone around me happy.

89. What is your worst quality? I'm lazy and I can be a bit of a pessimist.

90. Name two historical figures that interest you? It's not two people, but I've always been interested in Greek mythology.

91. Do you miss someone? Yes.

92. Is it important to you to celebrate birthdays? I don't feel like it's that important for me to celebrate my own birthday, because it just means I'm getting another year older, but I like to celebrate my loved ones on their birthdays :)

93. What makes you sad? The injustices of the world.

94. What makes you happy? My family and friends.

95. Have you ever been married or engaged? No, but I hope to be one day.

96. What will you do this weekend? Work :(

97. What's the craziest you've done? Riding on the back of a scooter, behind a greek.

98. What are your vices? I have a really bad sweet tooth.

99. Who is your role model? I don't have a role model.

100. What will you do when you're done responding to all these questions? Watch TV and then go to bed :)




I put together this list of questions for you all to get to know me a little better. And also because I thought it would be a fun thing to do. A lot of bloggers do lists like this one, so I thought why not.


How tall are you? I’m 167 cm (between 5’4” and 5’5”).

What color’s your eyes? I have bright blue eyes.

How old will you be in five years? I’ll be 31 years old. Oh gosh, that’s old, haha.

Where do you think you’ll be in ten years? I hope I have a family and live a happy life, wherever that may be.

Do you want children? Yes, I want two or three kids.

Are your parents married or divorced? They’re still married.

What’s the latest movie you watched? I watched “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

Who’s the last one you called? I called my mom.

Who’s the last one to call you? And I received a call from my mom, hihi.

What’s does the last text you received read? “Hej var det denna?” (“Hi was it this one”) from mom about a bowl I wanted.

Do you prefer to call or text? It depends on who it is with.

When did you wake up this morning? I woke up at 5am CET (Central European Time).

What’s your favorite place? Some place nice and warm.

How wide is your bed? It’s 120 cm (47 inches).

How many pillows do you sleep with? I have 6 big pillows and one small pillow in my bed.

Do you sleep with or without clothes? It depends on the time of year. Just underwear during the summer and full pyjamas during the winter.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No, I don’t. I just use them for decoration on my bed when I have people over, hihi.

Do you have a stationary computer or a laptop? I have a laptop (an Apple MacBook Pro).

Who was your first idol? Probably the Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys, haha.

Are you a social person? I’d think so, but it depends on the situation. I can be a bit shy at first when I meet someone new.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Oh, that’s hard, but something with chocolate. Yummy!

Do you like coffee? No, I prefer hot chocolate if I want something hot to drink.

What do you drink for breakfast? I drink either milk or juice.

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Yes, I do. Several people actually.

Do you know any other languages than your native language (Swedish)? Yes, I know English (obviously, haha) and a few words and phrases in German, French and Spanish.

Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? Both. I love the ocean, but I’d rather swim in a pool, because I’m a little scared of fish and other sea animals, haha.

What’s your favorite TV-show? I like a lot of different TV-shows, i.e. “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Chicago Fire”.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Nope, never. And hopefully I never will, but if it happens, it happens.

Do you dance in the car? Yes, sometimes. I both sing and dance in the car if I’m in a happy mood and hear a great song, haha.