It's almost a month ago since my little princess birthday and I just remembered that I never showed you what I got her. I ordered these three bows from a British website and they are adorable. The pink and polka dotted bow is for birthdays and other celebrations, the purple and floral one is for summer and the red one is for Christmas, haha ;) (Sorry for the really bad quality of these photos, but the lighting was horrible when I took them).
And just because I think she's so darn cute, I had to take a picture of her watching me photograph the bows :)

New Phone

Yesterday was the release date for the new iPhone 6S in Sweden. I pre-ordered one last week, so after I had finished work, I went to the store to pick it up. I've had it for about 24 hours now and I love it. It feels so much nicer than my old iPhone 5S and so far it seems to work a lot better as well. I still need to buy a case and a screen cover to protect it, but I'm so happy to finally have my new phone :)

Cat On A Leash

I have a harness that I bought for my little princess when she was a kitten, but it was really cheap because I figured it would be pointless to buy an expensive one since she would outgrow it. Now, seven months later, that harness still fits pretty good, but my plan has always been to get her a better one when she stopped growing. I wanted to buy a harness that is more comfortable and fits better. I've always known what type of harness I wanted to buy for her and what website to order it from, so yesterday "I sealed the deal" so to speak and placed the order. I also ordered a leash that I think will look great with the harness. I have a retractable leash already, but i want a regular leash as well. I hope it will be just as cute in reality as it is in the pictures :)