I love this goofball so much! If I'm having a bad day, she turns it around in an instans. Just look at that face! I seriously can't imagine life without her.
Anyway, not much is going on in my life right now. I'm working as often as I can to save up as much money as possible for my trip to the US in September. It's not going too well, but I'm saving a little each month when the pay check arrives. I'm also trying to just enjoy life and do things that makes me happy. I hit a rough patch a few weeks back, but I'm fighting my way back from it. I'm slowly getting there :)


 It's almost a month ago since my little princess birthday and I just remembered that I never showed you what I got her. I ordered these three bows from a British website and they are adorable. The pink and polka dotted bow is for birthdays and other celebrations, the purple and floral one is for summer and the red one is for Christmas, haha ;) (Sorry for the really bad quality of these photos, but the lighting was horrible when I took them).
And just because I think she's so darn cute, I had to take a picture of her watching me photograph the bows :)

Happy 1st Birthday

It's Sigrids first birthday today! My little princess doesn't fall under the category "kitten" anymore, but instead she's now a "young feline" (at least according to cat food companies, haha). A year ago, I had no idea you'd come into my life and bring me so much love and the occasional headache. To make the decision to bring you home with me, has been one of the best things I've ever done.